Class Descriptions


Jazz & Tumble (2-4 yr)

This 45-minute class is perfect for those wishing to explore both jazz and basic gymnastic skills.   


Tap Combo (4-6 yr)

A great introductory class for the beginning dancer. It consists of 30 minutes of tap plus 30 minutes of jazz/ballet.    



Offered to ages 4 & up in various levels. Classes incorporate the classic steps of tap dancing while adding a fresh approach to choreography. Dancers learn to coordinate rhythm, agility, and musicality to execute clear tap sounds and movement.  



Offered to ages 4 & up in various levels. Classes focus on both classic and current styles of jazz, while keeping emphasis on technique, center, and placement.  Dancers learn proper stretching, jazz technique, terminology, turns, leaps, across-the-floor progressions and combinations.


Hip Hop

Offered to ages 4 & up in various levels. Classes focus on the latest street styles of hip hop, including break-dancing, pop, & funk.  Dancers are encouraged to push themselves to explore new movements and to understand the elements of choreography, music, and performance.


Jazz/Hip Hop

Offered to ages 4-6 and 7-10. Classes include a fun combination of both jazz and hip hop dance styles.



Offered to all ages in various levels. Ballet is the foundation of dance. Classes will focus on the classical elements of ballet, teaching students proper technique, balance, strength, body alignment, and vocabulary.


Pre-Pointe & Pointe

Pointe is an advanced extension of ballet. Dancers begin at the barre and progress to center work, turns and across the floor. Promotion to Pre-Pointe and Pointe shoes will be at the discretion of the instructor.



Offered to ages 4 & up in various levels. Lyrical is fusion between Jazz and Ballet technique, complementing the style and rhythm of the song choice. Lyrical focuses on the “lyrics” of music to interpret a story.



Offered to ages 7 & up in various levels. Contemporary dance is interpretive, improvisational, and story-telling with abstract movement and choreography.  This class is designed for students with previous training in ballet.



Offered to ages 7 & up in various levels. Class focus on both modern dance technique including full-body movement, fluidity, floor work, and dance improvisation. This style teaches the body to move as an expressive tool.


Musical Theater

Offered to ages 7 & up in various levels. Classes incorporate dance movement, musicality, singing, and acting. Emphasis is stressed in character, expression, and storytelling set to show tunes from long-time and current running Broadway Shows.  



Offered to ages 4 & up in various levels. Dancers will learn flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, and discipline. Classes will focus on fundamental acrobatic techniques, including skills such as handstands, chin stands, elbow stands, cartwheels, round offs, back bends, walkovers, and handsprings.


Stretch & Strengthening

Offered to ages 7 & up. A perfect combination of flexibility and conditioning to aide and assist dancers in gaining full body strength and flexibility necessary for all dance styles.


Turns & Leaps

Offered to ages 7 & up. This class is a specialized class designed for Int/Adv dancers who want to improve and broaden their skills in both leaping and turning.


Adult Tap

Offered to ages 18 & up. We are proud to offer dance opportunities to those over the age of 18.  Our Adult Tap class performs in both of our annual recitals, and sometimes they even perform at local competitions.  Many dancers in our Adult Tap Class have been dancing together for almost 20 years, proving that dance friendships are indeed long-lasting

Limitless Dance

Offered to all ages and levels. This class is an accessible dance class that focuses on the principles of dance technique while allowing students to learn at their own pace within their own bodies. Movements can be modified for students as needed on an individual basis, allowing students to learn that all bodies are capable and that dance is for everyone. The emphasis of the class is on growth in dance while learning that opportunities are limitless.

2019-2020 Class Schedule

Our new season will begin on Monday, August 5th!



30 Minutes Per Week - $45/month
45 Minutes Per Week - $55/month
1 Hour Per Week - $68/month
1.25 Hours Per Week - $80/month
1.5 Hours Per Week - $92/month
1.75 Hours Per Week - $104/month
2 Hours Per Week - $116/month
2.25 Hours Per Week - $124/month
2.5 Hours Per Week - $132/month
2.75 Hours Per Week - $140/month
3 Hours Per Week - $148/month
3.25 Hours Per Week - $156/month
3.5 Hours Per Week - $164/month
3.75 Hours Per Week - $172/month
4 Hours Per Week - $180/month
4.25 Hours Per Week - $186/month
4.5 Hours Per Week - $192/month
4.75 Hours Per Week - $199/month
5 Hours Per Week - $205/month
5.25 Hours Per Week - $212/month
5.5 Hours Per Week - $218/month
5.75 Hours Per Week - $223/month
6 Hours Per Week - $228/month
6.25 Hours Per Week - $233/month
6.5 Hours Per Week - $238/month
6.75 Hours Per Week - $243/month
7 Hours Per Week - $248/month
7.25 Hours Per Week - $254/month
7.5 Hours Per Week - $260/month
7.75 Hours Per Week - $266/month
Unlimited Rate - $285/month (Individual)

With the enrollment of one unlimited dancer, each additional sibling is only $65/month for unlimited classes!

Annual Registration Fee (Per Family) $30.00
We offer a 10% Family Discount (Does not apply to the unlimited rate.)

Dress Code

Ballet/Pointe Require attire: black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes (no laces or laces tucked in), and hair pulled back in a neat bun. Undergarments (bras) must also be black.  You can wear a black ballet skirt if purchased through the studio. There are no other shirts, skirts, shorts, or other cover-ups allowed.

Tap Required attire: Comfortable, stretchy dance clothing required. No excessively long pants, as they interfere with tap shoes. Tap shoes required.

Jazz/Lyrical/Contemporary/Modern/Musical Theater Required attire: Form-fitting dance clothing such as jazz pants or capris, tights, and leotards. Form-fitting tanks or shirts are OK. Hair must be pulled back. Jazz shoes are required for Jazz classes.

Hip Hop Required attire: Stretchy, comfortable dance or “work-out” clothing. Pants, shorts, tanks, T-shirts are OK. No “school clothes,” including jeans, jean shorts, or restrictive clothing. Flexible sneakers required.

Acro Required attire: Form-fitting dance clothing such as jazz pants or capris with form-fitting tanks or shirts. Leotards are required to be worn under shirts. Hair must be pulled back.

Additional Dress Code specifications:

  • No bare midriffs are allowed for any class at PDC.

  • In addition, tights must be worn under shorts unless your shorts go to mid-thigh and fit tightly around your legs (spandex or leggings). This means that you need to wear tights with any booty shorts, baggy athletic shorts, or PDC dancer shorts. This policy is for modesty reasons.

  • You will not be able to dance if you do not follow the dress code.  

  • For competition classes, please ask your teacher directly if he/she has specific dress code requirements.